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Perl developer tools

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Perl programs are written using plain text files, so at a minimum all you need a basic text editor (e.g. Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on OS X). If you are new to Perl then the best combination are a text editor and a command window to run the Perl interpreter as IDE's can make life a little complicated when you first start.

Some more powerful development tools are listed below, roughly grouped as:

  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - features perl syntax highlighting, integrated debugging support, and other advanced features
  • Text Editor - at a minimum features perl syntax highlighting. Other IDE-like features may be possible through additional plugins/extensions.
  • Helper Tools - applications such as GUI builders and reference documentation that may be used in conjunction with IDEs and editors.

Predominantly commercial programs are noted with $, although in some cases there may be exceptions for personal, educational, or government use.

Note: A listing here does not imply any endorsement or that a review has taken place. (Independent reviews welcome!)

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Cross Platform IDEs


IDEs for Windows


IDEs for OS X


Cross Platform Text Editors

See also Google > Computers > Software > Editors

Text Editors for Windows


Text Editors for OS X


Cross Platform Helper Tools

  • SWIG is a software development tool that connects programs written in C and C++ with a variety of high-level programming languages. SWIG is used with different types of languages including common scripting languages such as Perl
  • Perl::Critic critiques Perl source code for best-practices. There is a gentle introduction
  • Perltidy code formatter. The recommendations from Conway's Perl Best Practices may be downloaded and there is a front end tool to help configure your own preferences. There is also an introduction
  • Devel::REPL Interactive Perl shell. Read Execute Print Loop shell (run from terminal prompt), as pioneered by Lisp. Handy tip, add "use v5.10.1" to the ~/ file and use say $x instead of print "$x\n"
  • DBI::shell Interactive shell for DBI RDBMS layer
  • Module::Starter::PBP Create a module as recommended in "Perl Best Practices"

Helper tools for Windows

  • The GUI Loft: a WYSIWYG design tool (written in Perl) for designing Perl Win32::GUI windows.
  • Perl Oasis: a POD/source/class browser tightly integrated with (currently) UltraEdit, gVim, EditPlus, and PFE (Programmer's File Editor).
  • Regex Coach is a graphical application for Windows which can be used to interactively experiment with (Perl-compatible) regular expressions.

Helper tools for OS X

  • Camel Bones: an Objective-C/Perl bridge lets you integrate perl code with your Cocoa / Xcode development projects (e.g. use the Apple developer tools to build user interfaces, and write the application code in perl!). Also includes an example app, ShuX, which is a perldoc browser.
  • PerlPad: allows you to run perl code from the Services menu available in most OS X applications ; can also convert perl snippets into keyboard shortcuts
  • Platypus: a tool for creating application wrappers around scripts (e.g. create Mac OS X applications that execute a bundled perl script).
  • Pashua: a tool for generating native Aqua dialog windows from within perl (and other supported scripting languages). Data from the dialog can be passed on to the calling script; works well in conjunction with Platypus to create a simple application bundle.
  • perlDoc: a perl documentation viewer.

Helper tools for Linux

  • Regex Coach is a graphical application for Windows which can be used to interactively experiment with (Perl-compatible) regular expressions. There are reliable reports of it running successfully under Linux using Wine and older, native, releases are also available for Linux and BSD as well. RegexCoachInstallHints Installation Hints