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We feel that the Perl Beginners' Site should be a community site instead of a centralized "Cathedral"-like site. Thus, the entire source code is available online and contributions from outsiders are welcome. There is a list of contributors, so make sure your name appears there as soon as possible.

Here are some ways in which you can contribute to the site:

Publicise the Site

You can publicise the Perl Beginners Site or individual pages thereof by posting or upvoting it in social-bookmarking sites, social networking sites, recommending it to your friends online and offline, or linking to it from your web-site or blog. You can use the "Add-to-any" button at the bottom of the pages to post it on various sites.

Join the Mailing List

By joining the mailing list, you will receive questions by E-mail, which you can answer. (or alternatively be able to ask your own)

Visit the Help Web Forum

The Help Web Forum is meant to help people with their Perl problems. You can visit it if you have questions or would like to help people with their problems.

Contribute to the Core Site

You can send patches or corrections to the HTML pages of the site. It is preferable to send corrections to the site's Website Meta Language source, because they can be applied immediately.

We have put the TODO file (that contains the tasks to be done) and the DONE file (that contains the tasks which were already done) online, for your perusal and contribution.