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Perl Development Topics

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This section aims to cover various topics that one is likely to encounter when doing Perl development. They are mostly common to the particular task one is trying to achieve with Perl and its domain.

Date and Time Handling

Handling Dates and Times (parsing, formatting, manipulating, etc.) in Perl.

Debugging Perl Programs

When bugs occur, learn how to find their cause and correct them effectively.

Files and Directories Handling

How to handle files and directories in Perl.


Hashes (also known as “associative arrays”, “maps”, or “dictionaries”) are one of Perl’s three fundamental data structures, and its least understood one. This page gives some resources for learning about hashes.

Modules and Packages

Encapsulate code in reusable units, and make sure symbols live in their own namespaces. The precursor for Object-Oriented Programming.


References allow the programmer to store an aggregate data structure in a simple variable, which can be passed around more easily, to represent complex, nested data structures, and also serve as the basis of Perl's object system.

Regular Expressions

Regular expressions enable one to match simple or complex patterns in text , extract them, and process them.

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in Perl

Learn about how to write classes, objects, and other concepts of Object-Oriented Programming in Perl.

Optimising and Profiling

How to make your Perl programs run faster.

Scoping and Variables in Perl

Scoping is Perl's way of making sure variables are localised and don't interfere with variables of the same name in different places (or alternatively, are not confused with different variables of similar names).

Using CPAN with Perl

CPAN is the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, which contains a wealth of open-source and reusable source code, that can be used in your applications. Follow the link to learn how to effectively use CPAN.