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References in Perl

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References allow the programmer to store an aggregate data structure in a simple variable, which can be passed around more easily, to represent complex, nested data structures, and also serve as the basis of Perl's object system.



The built-in references tutorial in the Perl 5 distribution. Also see the following documents:

#perlcafe chat log about Perl References

This is a log of the #perlcafe IRC channel where we tried to explain about references to an inexperienced programmer who had problems understanding their concept. It may prove useful for some insights.

Beginning Perl

Chapter 7 of "Beginning Perl" discusses references.

Modern Perl (the Book)

The Modern Perl book covers references.

Perl for Perl Newbies Series

The second presentation in the series discusses references.

Randal Schwartz's “Show Me Your References”

A brief article by Randal Schwratz that covers references in Perl and the syntaxes for using them.