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These online tutorials can provide an introduction to Perl so you can start writing your own scripts. Nevertheless, they don't teach everything there is to know about the language and one should still take care to learn all other things on his own from other resources.

If you prefer a tutorial written in a different human language, please try checking the foreign languages page

Our List of Tutorials

Perl Tutorial Hub

An authoritative list of recommended tutorials. An older list can be found on the Perl 5 Wiki.

Perl for Perl Newbies Series

Intended for People with basic knowledge of C or something similar or even no knowledge of any programming language at all. Contains verbose slides filled with explanation, examples and anecdotes. Covers a basic subset of Perl, without too many "other ways to do it". (You are still expected to read the internal Perl documents after the second lecture)

The Perldoc Tutorials

The tutorials that ship as part of the perl core. Start with perlintro and then continue with other tutorials.'s Beginners Introduction to Perl

A 6-part tutorial that covers the basics without too many details. Again, reading the man pages is expected afterwards, but this tutorial should get you started.

LPW: Beginners Perl by Dave Cross

Presentation slides by Dave Cross.

Tutorials for Advanced Users

These are tutorials for user with prior knowledge of programming. They are also written in English. There are also some books just for that, some of which are freely available online.

Hyperpolyglot for PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby

A “side-by-side reference sheet” (or lingo) for Perl, as well as PHP, Python and Ruby, with many commonly used idioms. Useful for looking up idioms from a language you are better familiar with in Perl. (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License).

“Learn Perl in about 2 hours 30 minutes”

A tutorial which is short, to the point, and informative, but on the other hand does not mention and cover CPAN, or Moose/Mouse/Moo and other modern ways for doing Perl object-oriented programming.

Other Lists's Tutorials

Several tutorials as hosted on the popular “” site. They cover various topics.

Several tutorials, “Frequently Asked Questions”, and “Howto” documents on various subjects.

Video Tutorials

These are video tutorials (and so-called screencasts), that are used to introduce Perl for beginners.

Beginner Perl Maven

An online introductory Perl course by Gabor Szabo on Udemy.

Perl Tutorial by Gabor Szabo

A Perl tutorial consisting of video and text by Gabor Szabo.

ShowMeDo's “Introduction to Perl” series by Steven Devijver

Several basic videos introducing Perl for beginners available on the ShowMeDo site