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Developing Games and Multimedia with Perl

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What's the use of using a computer if you're not having fun? Many beginning programmers, especially young ones, like to get their feet wet by writing games, demos and other multimedia programs. And the good news is that they can do it with Perl.

SDL Perl

SDL Perl provides Perl bindings to the open-source and cross-platform library SDL - the Simple DirectMedia Layer which allows one to write games and other multimedia applications using it. SDL has been utilised in several Perl and many other non-Perl games, both open-source and commercial ones.

Resources for Learning about SDL-Perl

Example Games and Applications

Other Mediums

One can also prepare desktop games using standard GUI (Graphical User Interface) toolkits. For this, see our GUI development using Perl page.

Browser-based games are also an option (with some help from JavaScript and possibly AJAX) and you can see our Perl web development page for more information.